Boston Ourstage Winner Announced

….and it’s not Winterbloom, like we had hoped. Honestly, we’re not crazy about winner Amanda Rogers. If you ask us, it’s overproduced. And written, we imagine, in the hopes of being credit music for a Hilary Duff movie. “Burn the pages of those magazines/I hate the way they look at me.” What…a lyric.

(She seems like a boring performer, too.)

Oh well.

We do congratulate all our artists that placed, though we’re bummed for them: Abi Tapia (51), Chris Pureka (63), Emily Elbert (10), and Winterbloom (20). Better luck next time! All press is good press, after all. Hoping they all get a few more people showing up at their shows in the Bosotn area.

We also want to congratulate our friend Trina Hamlin, who finished 3rd in the Hartford search. Go Trina!


Lilith Fair: Boston

About a month ago, the lineup for Lilith Fair Boston was announced. Similarly, we had a heart attack about a month ago when we saw it. Some of the artists participating in the tour had been announced long ago, but we were finally glad to see which artists would be at the Boston show (the only one we’ll be able to make it to, it seems!). Well, Lilith didn’t let us down. Take a look at this rundown.

Does it get any better than this? We’re big fans of Kelly Clarkson, Tegan and Sara, Missy Higgins, Sara Bareillies, Cat Power, and of course Sarah McLachlan, but we’ve never seen any of them live. In other words, we’ll be crossing off a lot on the good ol’ bucket list on July 30th when Lilith hits up Boston. And Carly Simon? Come on. Will we be seeing any of you there?

The one artist as of yet unnanounced is the winner for Boston. Lilith is having would-be talent competitions across the country for the chance to play at selected cities on the tour. Many friends of Folk Yourself are in the running, so we can’t officially endorse any one act, BUT– we do suggest you get a move-on on the voting. This is a huge opportunity for these artists, and we’re so excited to see who will be the final act for the Boston show. (If you must know, we’re a bit partial to Winterbloom, but it’s so hard to choose just one!)

Here Goes Nothing (Again…)

So we started this site last year, to kill some time during a boring summer. Now, with more writing experience and a more defined purpose in doing this work, we’re starting fresh. You can still expect the same things: gossip, new music, folk crushes, concert reviews and the like, but we’re actually going to stick to it this time. So tell your friends. If you’re interested in contributing in any way, email us at And so we begin!