Trina Hamlin and Pamela Means at Club Passim 6-9-10

Trina Hamlin and Pamela Means put on one hell of a show this evening. Pamela started things off with some great guitar playing and hilarious stage presence. She reminds us of a female Steven Wright; awkward and hilarious. She reminds us a ton of Kimya Dawson, though we’re sure she’s heard that comparison plenty. We just purchased her song “Love and Dust” on iTunes and suggest you do the same. We weren’t familiar with much of Pamela’s music before, but she definitely played:

New Orleans
Love And Dust
Love And Dust

It was our first time seeing her, but we’d totally see her again. It was a fun little set.

(We think she was wearing that same outfit tonight!)

During the intermission, we spotted some familiar faces. One was folk photog god Bunty Burgin, and the other was slam-poet god Alix Olson. We have loved Alix since we were fifteen, so we were weak at the knees just to be in her presence. Her and Pamela were quite cozy…but that’s all we’ll say!

After the break, Trina went up and blew us away per usual. She is a friend of Folk Yourself, and we’re always so happy to run into her. She’s a lovely person, a talented musician, and a great friend to us. Her set was short, but a bunch of favorites–

Wounded Knee
In My Life
Come On
Hey Hey
Can’t Stand The Rain (Tina Turner Cover)
Down To The Hollow
Living On Love

Jacaranda (w/ Pamela Means)
Maggie’s Farm TH+PM(Bob Dylan Cover)

Highlights for us were the Tina Turner cover, Come On, and an eight-minute jam session on Maggie’s Farm. We’ve been begging Trina to relearn her song “Wrapped” for ages, and she promises to do it one day. We’re holding her to it!


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