Boston Ourstage Winner Announced

….and it’s not Winterbloom, like we had hoped. Honestly, we’re not crazy about winner Amanda Rogers. If you ask us, it’s overproduced. And written, we imagine, in the hopes of being credit music for a Hilary Duff movie. “Burn the pages of those magazines/I hate the way they look at me.” What…a lyric.

(She seems like a boring performer, too.)

Oh well.

We do congratulate all our artists that placed, though we’re bummed for them: Abi Tapia (51), Chris Pureka (63), Emily Elbert (10), and Winterbloom (20). Better luck next time! All press is good press, after all. Hoping they all get a few more people showing up at their shows in the Bosotn area.

We also want to congratulate our friend Trina Hamlin, who finished 3rd in the Hartford search. Go Trina!


2 responses to “Boston Ourstage Winner Announced

  1. Wow… I thought for sure that Amy Petty had it in the bag. I’ve never even heard of Amanda. With so many great local KNOWN presences in the running, it stuns me that someone I’ve never heard of won the slot. Interesting.

  2. Just an FYI, I’m pretty sure that finishing first in the Lilith channel competitions on OurStage doesn’t indicate the winner. The winners of each date have not yet been announced. Sarah McLachlan will choose the winner from each of the top 10’s in the channels. Therefore, Amanda Rogers is not necessarily the winner. We can all just wait and see when OurStage makes the official announcement!

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